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The veterinary hospital in Heidelberg is a full service medical, surgical and dental clinic for companion animals.

The veterinary hospital has been in operation in Heidelberg since 1988.

Our competent office staff is trained to handle any kind of emergency. We specialize in the care of small animals.

Our modern facilities are equipped with in-house bloodwork-machines, a full general and orthopedic surgical suite, electrocautery, electrocardiogaphy, intensive infectious disease isolation room, advanced gas anesthesia and anesthetic monitoring equipment.

We offer routine wellness care as well as advanced diagnosis and therapeutics. For your convenience English is spoken and SOFA Vat forms are processed to better serve you.
We are conveniently located between the shopping center and PHV.

In case of emergency, we are available 24 hours a day in addition to our regular office hours.
We pride ourselves on providing loving and compassionate care to our patients.