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Clinical area

Your sympathic hospital in Heidelberg with highest medical qualification


 A good internist needs expierience, know-how und the good nose of a criminologist.

 Diagnosis is often a tough puzzle - but this is our ambition and our challenge.

the hospital has a full service state of the art lablood hematology and chemistry

cell staining
blood gases
phasecontrast microscope
malignancy differentiation
ultrasound b ,which enables speedy

testing and diagnosis.


Internal surgery

ambulatory (out patient) surgery, for example bite wounds or
reproductive sterilisation
abdominal surgery
management of gastric dilation
thoracic surgery
orthopedic surgery including fractures, ruptured ligaments,
luxation of the patella
hip dyspasia surgery
neurosurgery including lumbar and
external eye surgery 




many pet owners are very apprehensive in regards to anaesthesia.
Even though all anaesthesia includes risk we have minimized the risk to your pet.

Our philosophy concerning anaesthesia is to use the minimal amount needed, including different types of intravenous narcotic agents and inhaled anaesthesia, thus further reducing risk.

All animals undergoing surgical procedures will receive an intravenous catheter so that emergency medications may be administered in the last amount of time.

An evaluation of general health is performed before anaesthesia is even administered.


 Intensive care

Dogs and cats are housed separatly with a quarantined area for the treatment of animals with infectious diseases.