we love animals

Our philosophy

"Look after the animals-

the oxen,sheep,and donkeys.

Don´t fool yourselves,

they have souls just like us,

they `re men from way back;

give them enough to eat.

And look after the olive trees

and vines. Be sure you manure,

water, and prune them if you

want them to bear fruit for you.

They`re men from way back too, but so far back they don´t


But man remembers; that´s why we´re men, after all." 

Nikos Kazantzakis in

"Report to Greco"


Our philosophy of modern veterinary medicine:
we believe in the practice of medicine by science and diagnostics as opposed to trial and error treatment.
Your pet will not be treated for any supposed symptoms before a scientifically valid diagnosis has been established.
Diseases of animals are often just as complex as those afflicting humans and with systematic and consistent therapy these diseases can be well managed.